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The mission of IsleShare.org is to:

  • Provide a local time and skills exchange safety net of full-circle volunteering.

  • Implement a sustainable social capital building model to strengthen the fabric of our island communities.  

  • Help our unique island communities and economies to thrive, while sharing both the diversity of island lifestyles and the commonality of human needs being met.

  • Emphasize the tangible, valuable contributions we can make as aware and respectful stewards of our local environment. Promote the well-being of our neighbors, in balance with natural resources. 

  • Support social justice endeavors in restoring dignity to the individuals and groups involved.

Anyone can earn time credits by contributing to others. Those who have earned or been gifted time credits can spend - or they can donate their time credits to others. Time credits are exchanged for services and goods from others.  Donated credits to less-abled members enable them to have a means of exchange and participate in community. Individuals, organizations, government agencies and even businesses can become members.  Unlike standard money, there is no price placed on different kinds of service.  As IsleShare members contribute time, energies and skills, they create an ever-growing community “bank” of skills that fellow members can draw on, thus weaving a local social economy and building resilience for changing times.  In this way, a circle of giving and receiving is sustained as a moral agreement among members.   We reweave our communities by valuing the contributions of all, connecting unused resources to unmet needs.

IsleShare is a member-led program which empowers you to use your own good judgment about whom to trust, based on experience and what others say about them. You already know who you can count on among your family members and friends, by your experience and their reputation.  IsleShare gives you that kind of information about each member, from the people they have already shared time and skills with.   A background check may be conducted in the absence of a reputable character reference. Information from background checks is not made public, but is kept on record by the Program Coordinator and, if applicable, may limit the scope of services that a given member can offer to other members. This keeps our exchanges safe.

IsleShare Coordinators draw the emerging 'gift economy' principles from the success of other timebanks, as well as Transition Towns USA, Sacred Economics (Eisenstein, 2011), Local Dollars, Local Sense (Schuman, 2012), and supports other Thriving Communities Initiatives, like Happy Counts (take the survey!).


Getting Started with our TimeBank:

  • Create a login and fill out your member profile. The coordinator will contact you.  When you fill in your Bio and upload a photo, you receive an hour to your account.
  • Attend a 1 hour orientation in person or by phone.  New and renewing members are gifted 5 hours.
  • Provide an Annual Membership Fee or Other Donations: Donate button is a Work in Process, so please donate via check/cash in person.  Checks may be sent via post delivery.  Address is in footer margin.
  • Once a member, you may Post some skills and talents you wish to offer other members.
  • Once a member, you may Post some requests for skills or talents that other members can provide for you.

Ongoing Use of the TimeBank:

With practice and repeat exchanges, we learn to support a thriving community!

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